Raine MacEnroe

Yeah, she’s a beaut, huh? I don’t like to brag or nothing, but she’s a sweet ride. I built her myself from spare parts, so she’s a mutt. But she’s all heart. And a healthy dose of horsepower. She’s not too loud, right? I was scared that I lost too much of my hearing already to tell the difference, you know? These other guys lose the mufflers ‘cause it’s macho. I mean they say, “Loud pipes save lives,” but I’d rather my hog got noticed for her looks and not for her mouth. Not like a Goldwing, though, I don’t mean nothing like that. That’s like mid-life crisis or something. The most important thing is the handling, ‘cause it’s just you and the bike out there.

Yeah, I was always pretty good with my hands. My dad’s a mechanic, so he’d have parts and some new project, for fun, you know. Otherwise, it’s just all work and you gotta have something to stop the burnout. So I used to putt around. Taking apart stuff. Almost killed myself stripping down the lawn mower when I was twelve. Oh, man, I got my ass whooped good. But it was cool. I think Dad was more freaked because I almost hurt myself bad. He’s good like that. Next day he let me help him get it running again. I told that story to my Shop teacher and he was like, “Damned if I would have let you touch my tools again.”

Mr Mackie’s a good guy. He’s the Shop teacher over at the High School. I’m in the automotive track. Big surprise. You should have seen Mackie’s face the other day. I was torquing down a bolt when I got this wicked dizzy spell, like thought I was gonna pass out, and Mackie comes running over like he thought I must have cut off a digit or something. I don’t remember exactly, but I must have been eating my Wheaties because Mackie takes the wrench out of hand and it’s bent. I feel the dizziness go away and I look up at him, holding that bent wrench like he’s holding a dead cat and he says, “Damned if I let you touch my tools again!” Mackie didn’t mean it though. He knows that I don’t screw around when I’m working. And it’s not like that happens every day. Or ever.

But yesterday I broke a bolt. Went to lock it down and bang. It wasn’t a cheap bolt, either. That was on this bike and I didn’t skimp on anything when it came to this bike. The whole thing gets to me. I’ve been thinking about nothing else since. It doesn’t mean anything, right? Since I was little I got to thinking that I was different, ‘cause I didn’t think about boys then either, and the other girls in the neighborhood would tease me about it. I got tired of it and pretended for a while, but after a year I got sick of pretending. I just hope that Mackie keeps his mouth shut, and I hope that whatever is up with me goes away, ‘cause I don’t want to hear all that again. And deep down I’m afraid those girls were right about me.

Quote: “You call kicking the crap out of monsters an opportunity? Now, a Hooter’s Girl, that’s an opportunity.”

Roleplaying Raine MacEnroe

Raine MacEnroe is, for lack of a better term, a biker girl. She’s a spicy sauce with ample amounts of toughness, a little trashiness, and a dash of redneck. Think Faith, but less of the ‘tude and more axle grease. Raine is also a newly awakened Slayer, but she’s afraid that her new strength is an unwanted side affect of those feelings she’s always had about other girls, and she’s more afraid that others are going to find out about those desires.