7000 BC

The First Slayer is activated.


Spike, aka “William the Bloody,” kills Slayer Xin Rong in Peking during the hight of the Boxer Rebellion.


Danny MacEnroe is born.


Georgina De La Vega is born in Sunnydale, California.


Georgina is pegged as a potential. After the suspicious death of her family. George is transplanted to Farmingham, New Hampshire.


At 20, Georgina is passed on as a slayer and offered training as a Watcher.


Faith is born.


Slayer Nikki Woods killed in a New York subway by Spike. Buffy Anne Summers is born on January 24th.


Danny and Georgina marry.


Danny opens MacEnroe Motors, a small auto repair shop that specializes in motorcycle maintenance in Farmingham.


George learns that Raine is a potential and hides this fact from the Watcher's Council.


George reopens a rundown nightclub, “The War Machine,” in Boston, using it as a base of operations for her personal war against the dark forces inhabiting that city.


Buffy is appointed the role of being the slayer, along with training with her first watcher, Merrick. Merrick reveals that a Magyar peasant and an Indian princess were both slayers at some point and also reveals that he has trained five other slayers, all who were killed by the vampire-lord, Lothos.

George's 9th Contingency is acted on. The “Greater Good” is born.


Following her expulsion, and her parent's divorce, Buffy moves to Sunnydale and is appointed a new watcher, Rupert Giles. Buffy meets Angel, the vampire with a soul, and they begin a complex relationship. Buffy is later killed by The Master, but is brought back to life, taking her revenge on The Master. Kendra is called.


Drusilla kills Kendra. Faith is called.


Following Faith's betrayal, Buffy puts Faith in a coma. Angel leaves Sunnydale for Los Angeles.


Faith awakens, briefly switching bodies with Buffy. Faith escapes, but finds herself questioning her self-destructive behavior. She arrives in L.A., and after fighting with Angel and his friends, surrenders herself to police. Her prison term begins.


Buffy sacrifices herself in the battle with the Hellgoddess, Glorificus.


Willow resurrects Buffy.


After being contacted for aid by Wesley, Faith escapes from prison and returns to L.A. to help defeat The Beast. There she finds Willow, who has also been brought in for assistance. Willow brings Faith back to Sunnydale to help in the struggle against The First Evil. Buffy, with the help of Willow and several old and new friends, transforms all Potentials into Slayers. In Farmingham, NH, Wylie Hansford and Raine MacEnroe are called.

In the Fall, Season One of Tales of the New Slayers begins.

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