Zoe Zinni

Yeah, um, I like computers a lot because they’re … easier to relate to, sometimes. Not that people aren’t! I mean, with a computer it's just turn off and turn on ... um, that didn't come out right. See, when people like you see that I’m kind of geeky they think that I don’t like people or that I’m hard to get along with, but that’s not the case at all. I’m usually the one who others come to when they need somebody to talk to. That’s sort of the weird part. That people feel like I can really relate to what they’re feeling sometimes. Like I feel it with them, which sometimes I think I do. Does that make any sense?

My mother was really good with people. She used to be like camp counselor to all of her friends and even the neighbors, even though they didn’t talk to us that much. She once told me that she was kind of a magnet for hurting souls, and that it was the Lord’s will. That she help people like that. Once, after the neighbors had a big fight (we could hear everything because the apartment walls were pretty thin), Janet (she was one of the neighbors) came over and she was really upset, you know? She was crying hard, really sobbing her eyes out, and I could see this color around her. Like this color of light. For a long time afterwards I thought that everybody could see it, but I asked my mom about it once and she said I shouldn’t talk about weirdness. I’m still not sure if she saw it too, or if she thought it wasn’t good that I saw it.

Anyway, I did some reading after that and it turns out that I saw an aura. Almost nobody can see them, but I can. From what I read, auras can tell you about the emotional state of the person, and sometimes they can tell other things. A couple of times, I’ve seen people who have some blackness in their aura, a type of darkness. Once was with a kid in school and another time was on a class trip to Salem, when we saw some witches. Ever since that day in Salem I’ve started thinking that I’m seeing the Occult, like real magic. It’s a subject I read about like all the time. I thought about telling my mom, but I think I know what she would say, and that she would worry about me, so I keep those books out of sight. See, I think the Lord has given me the ability to see certain things, to see the work of the Devil. That’s where the Occult comes from. I know that some kids at school have messed around with Oujia boards and stuff, but I don’t think that’s right, and if I had a friend who had one I would secretly hide it on her or throw it away, because that would be best for everybody. It's like what my Mom says about yelling, “Nothing good can come from it.”

Quote: “Yeah, that'll teach Mr. Horny-Head about the Conservation of Energy ... boy, it just got pitch-quiet in here.”

Roleplaying Zoe Zinni

Zoe always makes the honor roll and has earned the respect of her teachers.  Unfortunately, none of her peers know who she is.  Zoe’s the quiet type … ok, the mousey type (things she says tend to come out wrong), but she’s a genuine doll, total sweetheart (think Tara, with a dose of Fred).  When the chips are down, Zoe’s the one who can keep the group together.  She’s like everybody’s favorite camp counselor.  Most of that comes from her good soul, and some of it stems from her highly religious background, but the latter is also the origin of her belief that all magic stems from the Devil, and her desire to sabotage any magic that she sees (after all, it’s for the good of everyone, right?).