Kate Parson

How's this for a deep, dark secret:  the face that everyone sees is just a facade.  If people knew what was really going on with me...well, let's just say I wouldn't be hanging in Farmingham's only club on Friday Nights...or anywhere else for that matter. 

It all started with the dreams.  The first one just seemed like some horrible nightmare, until it came true and my best friend died.  I totally lost it.  My folks didn't know what to do so they called 911.  The ambulance came and took me away wearing a brandy new white jacket with funny arms.  I spent nearly a year so doped up I could barely think my name, let alone anything useful. 

When the drugged fog finally cleared around my mind, the dreams started again.  I'd learned my lesson by then and didn't tell anyone.  All that would get me was more quality time in a padded cell.  It was only a short while later when I realized I could move things with my mind.  It was just little things to start with but with time and work...well, maybe it's a bit more now.

When I got home, the visions got stranger.  Instead of accidents killing friends, I started seeing monsters killing, in horrifying feeding frenzies.  I didn't know what to think, I just knew I couldn't talk about it.  One night in the Double-R, the monsters were suddenly alive in front of me, and I realized I could do something about it.  There were others there who wanted to fight them too.  Now I'm part of a team of Super Friends who are working to clean up Farmingham, one demon at a time.

Quote: "I sense something bad approaching...oh, man, it's Monday, isn't it?"